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  • Scalping 2 legged pullback strategy
    aka Second Entry Indicator​​

  • filter out unprofitable setups

  • use Buttons to trade automatically

  • never miss a setup by getting a
    sound alert in advance

  • trade on any bar type (e.g. Renko)

  • automated trading

  • only for Ninjatrader 8!

two legged pullback

How does
 it work


Which features are provided with this indicator?

  • Finds every two legged pull back (Second entry indicator) that is related to the AI brooks two legged pullback (legs trading)

  • Chart Buttons to interact with the chart instantly

  • Messages which rules are broken

  • Include manual trading with risk management

  • The strategy will automatically check if your max StopLoss is exceeded

  • Automated trade entrys with exact market orders above/below Signal Bar, StopLoss and Take Profit orders that can be manually changed afterwards if necessary

  • Runners can automatically be added 

  • Mark Swing High/Lows

  • Mark every entry that is occuring

  • Simulated Take-Profit that shows your exit

  • Plays a sound early when a 2 legged pullback (2nd Entry indicator)

  • Finds congestion based on Dojis for Failed-Breakout-Pullback-Setups

  • Inbuild automated checklist

  • Detects Inside-Outside and Indecision Bars

  • Finds Recent Support and Resistance

  • Checks SignalBar strength

  • Checks the EMA and SMA resistance

  • Warns you if the setup is too far away from the EMA

  • Protects you from taking trades with broken rules (conservative mode)

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